About Us

About Us &
Who We Are

Brentwood Middleton Day Centre is a registered charity and Company Limited by Guarantee, funded through Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council and one-off grants and donations from grant making agencies, groups and individuals.

The Centre opened in May 1989 as a direct result of the work of the Middleton Working Partly on Homelessness; a group set-up to investigate the problem of homelessness within the Middleton and surrounding areas.

What We Stand For

Brentwood is more than just a building. It's also a lifeline to a range of free facilities to keep you fed, clean and healthy. Food is provided at breakfast time and dinner time.

If you would like dinner you will need to let us know and turn up at the centre by 11am. We can provide clothes washing facilities and a hot shower.

You can talk to our support workers about any issues you might have and if they can't help they'll be able to connect you with the people who can.